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Plastic Bags Machine OPerator

Green Plastic Factory Kuwait

Job Description

The candidate must have minimum of 1 years of experience as machine operator in PE Blown Film factory (Plastic bags manufacturing) and have worked with one of these Machines:

  • 1
    Blown Film Extruder
  • 2
    Cutting (Bag making)
  • 3
  • 4

This position is responsible for operating one of the following machines (Blown film Extruder or Cutting machine (Bag making) or Printing Machine or Recycle Machine). He should maintain them in good conditions. And must preserve the quality of products and required production capacity.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • 1
    Receive the job order from the supervisor
  • 2
    Clean and arrange the work site and the machine
  • 3
    Implementation of the work is based on the job order and sample attached
  • 4
    Submit maintenance request report to the shift supervisor
  • 5
    Submit a daily production report of the machines to the shift supervisor
  • 6
    Deliver the daily production waste to the shift supervisor
  • 7
    Checking the quality of production continuously
  • 8
    Write down the specifications on the product
  • 9
    Handing over back the job order to the shift supervisor
  • 10
    Do not start working without clear and complete job order
  • 11
    Match the required measurements and formula (if applicable) written on the job order and the product must match the sample
  • 12
    Provide samples of production to be giving for the quality officer or the shift supervisor
  • 13
    Return all auxiliary equipment to its position after the completion of the work
  • 14
    Must Committed to the official working hours + the overtime hours allowed by the administration
  • 15
    Must wear the overall uniform and safety gears
  • 16
    Work on the maximum production capacity possible with highest quality
  • 17
    Follow the operating instructions of the machine
  • 18
    Additional duties might be assigned by management


  • 1
    One year years experience in production
  • 2
    Industrial Diploma or higher
  • 3
    Must Speaks, read and write in English Language
  • 4
    Has the experience on operating machines similar to ours (Blown film Extruder or Cutting machine (Bag making) or Printing Machine or Recycle Machine)


Industrial Diploma higher