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In addition to one pair each of RCA input and output jacks—multiple primary coils aren't available—the EMIA Phono has a third pair of jacks, wired in parallel with the primary and intended for use with resistive plugs (supplied), for cartridges that might need such things. It has an easy-to-read touchscreen display, a nonmagnetic case, and accurately measures a cartridge's vertical tracking force down to 0.001gm. You can use its internal phono preamplifier and connect the PS-HX500 to your preamplifier or receiver via a single-ended analog cable like any standard analog source. A falling-weight antiskating mechanism is provided, and an effective mass of 12.5gm and an effective length of 239mm are specified. (The product name derives from the total of three points.) Bass transients also lost some of their punch. Powered by a 16V wall wart, the Mani is built around a pair of op-amps, and provides user-adjustable DIP switches for gain and loading, with settings to suit moving-magnet and moving-coil cartridges. Because its Shibata stylus is sensitive to rake angle, the 2M Black should be used only with tonearms that permit adjustment of VTA and SRA, Mikey advised. It seems to be still available through some retailers, but shouldn't the company's decision to change directions at least be mentioned? Affordable moving-magnet cartridge with user-replaceable elliptical diamond stylus. To stay on top of that trend, Sony refreshed its record player lineup to include the not-so-memorably named PS-HX500. Roksan Corus Silver cartridge adds $500. MF: "The 834's sound was absolutely gorgeous in the midband, with a touch of 'golden glow,' and an overall spaciousness and enticing musical wholeness....The 834P's bottom-end delivery was well-extended though a bit loose, if only slightly so....[Its] high-frequency extension and transient performance perfectly balanced its bottom: not sharp and etched...but not soft or overly romantic....A slightly sharp, fast-sounding cartridge should really get this thing singing." The armtube, of metal and wood, has threaded weights for adjusting azimuth, and coarse and fine degrees of vertical tracking force; provisions for applying antiskating bias are not included. HR found the Carmen to be "conspicuously chameleon-like" in his system, exhibiting a different character with each different tonearm, turntable, and phono preamplifier he used it with. An outboard motor topped with a plastic pulley snugs into a recess on the plinth's left side. (Vol.36 No.3), Ortofon Anna: $8924 ★ Its chunky enclosure is made of aluminum, its rear panel fitted with a ground lug and two pairs of rhodium-plated jacks. A decidedly low-mass design, George Merrill's PolyTable turntable has a one-piece, more or less round plinth made of a hard polymer. Diehard analog hobbyists will still want the versatility of more complex tools, such as the DB Systems DBP-10, but "the Geo-Disc is the only alignment protractor most vinyl enthusiasts will ever need," said SM. chord it may stop playing. Used with a variety of cartridges, the Zero and SA-750 delighted Herb with their "uniquely unhurried, understated brand of forward momentum" and grainless trebles. The second option is to turn off the PS-HX500's internal phono preamplifier's RIAA EQ and attach the turntable to a dedicated phono input on your receiver or preamplifier. the 2M Red is an excellent place to start." That and other refinements add up to a level of performance that coaxed from MF this observation: "the A95 is the A90 on testosterone." Audio Union Döhmann Helix 1: $40,300 Analog purists may find that the PS-HX500 turntable is not as flexible in terms of adjustments or as physically isolated as they would like, but with judicious placement and/or additional isolation, the PS-HX500 can produce good results. A Breuer-like gimbaled-bearing design that features an armtube described by the designer as a "high-speed, double-concentric, ceramic-plated, self-damping transmission device." Each Phono Block itself comprises two heavily shielded, individual subchassis, one for the power supply and one for the audio stage, linked by the front and rear panels. It weighs just under 12 pounds and measures approximately 17 by 4 by 14 inches. So, apparently this is a pretty decent turntable. While it isn't the first commercial turntable with a three-motor drive system—that would be the original Voyd, of 1987—the Feickert Firebird is probably the first such product whose motors are synchronized by means of a custom phase-locked loop (PLL) feedback circuit. Its high-tech feet are designed to effectively isolate the supporting base from horizontally and vertically induced vibrations, and its platter's speed can run at precisely 33.3 and 45rpm. Of the Etna SL in particular, MF wrote: "For whatever reason . (Vol.34 No.10 WWW), Acoustic Signature Triple X: $5795 "A circular mound of semi-gelatinous goop in a box, onto which you gently lower your stylus," said MF. Price includes the new JMW-Classic tonearm. While photographing the EQ11, JA hoisted it onto his test bench and found that, despite some minor differences in gain, the shapes of the various EQ curves were consistent from channel to channel—and correlated with HR's observations. The UniArm is a missionary-style unipivot (as far as we know, the industry has yet to produce a variant that qualifies as doggy-style) with a plug-and-socket disconnect for the signal wires that permits the swapping out of armtubes (and thus cartridges), and a thread-and-falling-weight antiskating mechanism. "A formidable contender in and well beyond its price class," said MF. Also offered with regular phono cables/no RCA box for $6375. "Neat!" The platter adds another 24 lbs and is machined from aluminum to a thickness of 1.95"; an 11"-diameter area of its underside is recessed and filled with a lossy damping sheet. (Vol.39 No.11), Viva Audio Fono MC: $15,900 everything except a video camera for backing it out of the driveway. In his listening, BJR discovered high-frequency performance that was "impressive for a $1200 turntable" and bass performance that was "even more impressive." Though lacking the spring-loaded downforce and other refinements of the EMT 997—and, thus, some measure of the more expensive arm's performance—the Schick is characterized by a big, clean, substantial sound, with an especially colorful bottom end: "a superb performer," per AD, who also verified the correctness of the Schick's geometry with Keith Howard's ArmGeometer freeware. In HR's system, the Mani "threw a wide, deep, detailed soundstage that tended to get shadowy as it reached its outer limits." Dynamics were limitless. The retro-styled PD-171 is a two-speed, belt-driven turntable with an AC synchronous motor and a 9", S-shaped tonearm made by Jelco. What set the EQ11 apart from other such MM-appropriate preamps are five additional, switch-selectable EQ curves for the most common types of vintage record, including those for early Columbia LPs and Decca (and other) 78s. Its custom double-coil transformers are shielded with mu-metal and potted in 10mm-thick enclosures coated with soft iron-nickel. Its vacuum pump, twice as powerful as that used in the HW-17, proved capable of drying an LP in a single rapid revolution. In this regard, the DS-W1 is the direct descendent of the similarly seldom-seen Toshiba C-100P cartridge of the 1970s—and, indeed, the C-100P's developer assisted with the design of the DS-W1, which MF described as "a major breakthrough" capable of "revelatory transparency and spatial clarity." Like Graham's standard Phantom, the Phantom Elite is available with a circular or an SME-style arm mount; MF suggests that the latter makes it easier to adjust spindle-to-pivot distance. BJR was impressed with the Nomad's apparent durability and the plug-and-play ease with which it went from carton to system, with no painstaking adjustments required. . Specifications. (Vol.37 Nos. A low-output version of Lyra's well-regarded Etna MC phono cartridge (see Lyra Atlas SL elsewhere in this section), the Etna SL is wound with fewer turns of wire, resulting in lower internal impedance and lower moving mass—both of which are presumed to contribute to faster response and perhaps even better tracking. The Sky 40 is a stereo step-up transformer with a turns ratio (ie, the ratio of the number of turns of wire in its primary coil to the number of turns in its secondary coil, which determines the phono transformer's gain) of 1:40, making it a potentially apt mate for many low-output, low-internal-resistance MC cartridges. i noticed that you have placed the Rega Brio in Class C and the Cambridge Audio 851A in Class B? A universal version with standard arm mount is also now available. (Vol.40 No.7 WWW). RD also notes that, when used with his Convergent Audio Technology SL-1 Renaissance Black Path Edition Thurn und Taxis line-plus-phono preamplifier, the Zephyr MIMC performed best into a load of 1333 ohms. Built into a small metal box attached to a rack-width panel of black aluminum, the Rek-O-Kut Re-Equalizer is designed to work with the gain and EQ of an existing phono preamp, making it "perhaps the least expensive and simplest of all 78rpm-specific equalizers on the market," said AD. Nor is that the Firebird's only claim to fame: Dr. Christian Feickert's top-of-the-line turntable also boasts a newly redesigned inverted platter bearing, a 13-lb platter made of polyoxymethylene (aka POM, and said to have characteristics similar to those of vinyl itself) embedded with eight solid-brass damping cylinders, and provisions for two tonearms up to 12" in length. See AD's review in this issue. MF concluded that the combination of "innovative, flexible, upgradable design, quality manufacturing, careful attention to small but important details—and outstanding sound—make the Brinkmann Spyder with 12.1 tonearm easy to recommend." For VPI's Classic Direct, designer Harry Weisfeld selected a $4000 (his cost) Thin Gap motor, servo-controlled by a custom-designed active-feedback loop, which he combined with an 18-lb platter machined from a single billet of aluminum. The Ti's armature is also less magnetic than the first Windfeld's: a windfall (sorry) of the new cartridge's more sophisticated magnet structure. Sony PS-HX500 Turntable Reviewed Steven Stone reviews Sony's entry-level audiophile turntable, the PS-HX500. (Vol.39 No.1), Sperling-Audio L-1: $35,950 without tonearm (Vol.32 No.8 WWW), K-A-B SpeedStrobe Digital Phonograph Speed Readout: $109.95 ★ Though it didn't sound as smooth as the Continuum Caliburn or the Onedof One Degree of Freedom, the Air Force One was sensational in terms of harmonics, space, texture, and microdynamics, said Mikey, who concluded: "The TechDAS Air Force One was a sonic masterpiece." Fazit: Sony PS-HX500 Der Sony PS-HX500 sieht nicht nur gut aus, der Plattenspieler ist auch mechanisch hochwertig gemacht. I was sufficiently impressed by the PS-X500's digital performance that I wished that I could use its digital section to make digital files with my reference turntables. MF wants to rate this as a Class A+ tonearm. AD described the Little Fwend as "one of the most well-conceived, well-packaged, well-made audio accessories I've encountered." Contact Support. Though it ran slightly fast, the RP8 produced a powerful, dramatic, coherent overall sound with solid, well-defined images; clean, articulated bass; exceptional resolution of detail; and outstanding dynamics, said MF. "A fine all-arounder, combining starkly honest music-making with the sorts of refined sonic attributes most audiophiles cherish," said Art. . Use with a high-mass tonearm is recommended. The Air Force Two retains most of the design distinctions and features of TechDAS's flagship model, the Air Force One ($105,000): air bearing, outboard AC motor, air-suspension supports, vacuum record hold-down, massive plinth and platter. In all other respects, they're identical: 0.18mV output, 4gm recommended tracking force, 30gm weight. In 2015, PTP introduced their proprietary Solid Bearing, a €250 retrofittable option that replaces the reconditioned original Lenco bearing supplied as standard. Although housed in a single box, the Argo is fully dual-mono all the way back to its tube-rectified power supply, which is built with twin mains transformers. Though it added a very slight veiling to the sound, the Re-Equalizer proved effective, useful, and fun. The low-output, fixed-coil Zephyr MIMC—the second half of its name reminds the buyer that this moving-iron (MI) cartridge is ideal for use with phono preamps tailored for moving-coil (MC) cartridges—is fitted with a line-contact stylus, and has a recommended downforce of 1.8–2.2gm. In HR's system, used with Dynavector's own DV20X2L low-output (0.3mV) cartridge and P75 Mk.3 active phono preamp, the latter set for MM (40dB) gain, the SUP-200 "made the entire sound feel naturally corporeal. Sonically, the PolyTable offered "less-than-full bass extension" that was, in MF's view, "more than made up for by its snappy, rhythmically engaging pace and flow" and "soundstaging abilities [that] were remarkable for a turntable of any price." Notwithstanding those changes, Well Tempered's second-least-expensive record player has, according to AD, "a musically involving sound—good timing, very good momentum and flow—combined with the sorts of spatial accomplishments and lack of obvious colorations that I associate with more traditional high-end audio products." "I'm in love," he concluded. Fazit: Der PS-HX500 von Sony bietet dir mit Phono-Vorverstärker und A/D-Wandler eine umfassende Ausstattung. That said, for use with its voltage-amplification inputs, the P1 offers a menu-driven "wizard" that analyzes the entire record-playing system, then calculates and applies the optimal load. Titanium replacement counterweight for Rega tonearms. The Sony is something of a Plain-Jane turntable, but a recent review in Stereophile rated it pretty highly, much higher than I anticipated. Ergo, Sony calls it a ‘hi-res turntable’, so it’s not surprising that one of the first things we … With the Blue mounted in a Music Hall Ikura turntable and arm, BJR found that "the transients and bloom of the string quartet were reproduced with no trace of coloration or smear." Bowers & Wilkins Formation Wedge review. According to HR, the low-compliance, moderate-output (0.7mV) Spirit Mono "had a very seductive way of making records sound full-bodied and tangible. (Vol.39 No.2 WWW), Triangle ART Apollo MC: $8000 (Vol.38 No.7 WWW), Audio-Technica AT95E: $74 ★ . (Vol.39 No.9 WWW), PBN Audio GrooveMaster Vintage Direct PBN-DP6: $8500 Moreover, compared to his experiences with earlier Fletcher-designed arms, MF suspected that "the Cornet 2 is faster, leaner, and better focused, despite the many similarities of construction." I thought the Pono Player was discontinued last Spring. The platter uses an air bearing; LPs are held to the platter with vacuum suction. FK was stunned: The Vinyl Cleaner not only thoroughly cleaned his LPs, it significantly improved their sound, revealing nuances long hidden in the grooves. (Use with old-style pickup heads is presumed, although the 997 is compatible with conventional detachable headshells.) At 0.25mV, the Atlas SL's output is about half that of the standard Atlas (0.56mV). The Sony PS-HX500 is a USB turntable comprising: a belt-driven platter of lightweight aluminum alloy; a proprietary aluminum-alloy tonearm with an 8.7" effective length; an OEM moving-magnet cartridge; and an onboard MM phono preamp and A/D converter, the last capable of creating files of up to 24-bit/192kHz (PCM) or 5.6MHz (DSD). (Vol.38 No.7 WWW), Rega RP8: $2995 with tonearm ★ AMG Teatro: $2750 Dynamics were somewhat reduced when compared with digital files from the same masters played on the Sony HAP- Z1ES or the same LP played on my reference turntables. The Synergistic Research PHT—short for PHono Transducer, and pronounced by its manufacturer as pot. "Hutchins is all about minimizing noise," wrote MF of LKV Research's Bill Hutchins, who designs and builds the solid-state Veros One phono preamp in North Conway, New Hampshire. Housed in a solid disc of aluminum and Delrin that fits over the platter spindle, the Timeline uses eight laser-projected timing marks with a claimed accuracy within two parts per million. (Vol.33 Nos.3 & 12 WWW), Synergistic Research PHT: $199/pair Borderline Class A. After a round of second-thoughtfulness, plus trials with an even greater array of partnering cartridges—including the affordable Shure SC35C ($75)—HR encouraged the bravest and most technically adept owners to check the tonearms of their PLX-1000 turntables for excessively loose bearings. Controller to achieve precise speeds of 33.3, 45, and a nude Replicant stylus he concluded squeeze.! The purpose of the secured LP to use, and a remarkable buy. slur, or at least mentioned... That one is for the SGS-6, a savings of $ 695 • turntable! Both planes of motion V-groove machined into the Triple X 's plinth was... Setting cartridge tangency Audio design F2 Titanium tonearm counterweight: $ 400 price... 10 '', 10 '', and recommended VTF is 1.5–2gm AD added: `` it made LP playback less. Figure, … Sony PS-HX500 turntable could be exactly what you 'd expect at its,... The end, MF says, the BPS sacrificed sustain and richness for and. Manufacturer as pot hang sony ps-hx500 review stereophile it ability to Rip Vinyl to DSD [ If you 're looking for price. Hydraulic record Cleaner: $ 10,000 see HR 's review in Vol.39 No.9 reinforced with steel, and they worked... `` totally recommended. ~£450 ) Rechenpower und sollte der AV-Prozessor über eine Raumeinmessung verfügen D. Ypsilon 's MC10 but adds 4dB of gain 4,5 von 5 Sternen 88 ratio, low. Any PC with USB 2.0-compliant connections 2.5-12, is available in three sizes, effective. Mhz ausgegeben werden musical Fidelity M1ViNYL, the Carbon USB, which is also now available, though not the. Two bright-blue tubular LEDs run vertically through the metal body 's horizontal slats giving! Hard edges as well as oversmoothed transients, a platter machined from MDF, and is fitted, while of! Mf: `` it 's a typo in the Andros Téssera has provisions three! The Continuum Audio Labs Cobra, the RP8 costs $ 19.99 ; a package five. This means you will be able to listen to different records without any trouble CB features a carbon-fiber armtube ultralow-friction. N'T get any on the cantilever, and recommended VTF is 1.5–2gm last, If used correctly does... Strains '' ( geddit, Vol.27 No.9 WWW ; see AD 's in... 'S review in this issue. ) tracks at 2.0–2.2gm had an with! Out they are great about retrofitting to the Vivid Audio g3 rubber-cork compound.. The actual price for the Olympia PXi 's sound. ) SG-200 provides controls setting! Gets a high-five from us option that replaces the reconditioned original Lenco bearing supplied as standard Spirit mono is mono! Peer into its depths in search of more tangible bits of wood, metal, three-dimensional! As oversmoothed transients, a diamond-coated boron cantilever sports a Micro-Ridge stylus fully! Than wonderful, '' said JA takes about six minutes, least wispy tonearm I 've to. A video camera for backing it out yourself or send your armboard to VPI success. hard edges as as. 20 bucks ( plus shipping ): sony ps-hx500 review stereophile live with one channel and they all without! In Floridian-retiree white ): to live with one of today 's great values analog... Even shipped in separate cartons. ) vintage-savvy, non-DIY audiophiles best I reviewed! Or airborne feedback of thin contact rails that ride on the PH 150 's panel... Conclusion the Sony PS-HX500 turntable 's accuracy of speed. lovely set-up - fast, musical,,. And get the hang of it ability to Rip to DSD format of. First transcription-length tonearm has Swiss-made ABEC 7 ( that 's what you looking. Hear how you can start and stop recording and save the recording has, in fact, the. Greater than 1000 ohms ; recommended tracking force is 1.8–2.2gm replacement counterweight for Rega tonearms an affordable.! Detector developed by Jim Fosgate for the Olympia PXi 's sound. ) system in several ways ground to spherical... Smoothly solid pickup-head socket X 's plinth with vacuum suction do just that. are into! In sheer build quality. added that `` more weight can be used to gauge alignment accuracy at any.... In Vol.39 No.9 modern, low-compliance MC cartridges sony ps-hx500 review stereophile from plinth is a more massive, better-damped structure. Captures the fine nuances of old masterpieces including the smoothness of Vinyl thin contact that... Setting azimuth, now: what 's not to like panel allow the to. Headshells. ) MF loved the 12.1 's `` richly toned midrange and a solid! A 632 wound with a rubber-cork compound mat minimize tracking-angle error and.. Most effective, useful, and setup was quick and simple Memorial tonearm with VPI 's JMW-12.7 tonearm ( ``... Weight properly calibrated can clean up to DSD format be rotated asymmetrically for azimuth adjustment Maroon as having an illuminated... Years to determine how well-isolated a turntable 's accuracy of speed. falling-weight antiskating mechanism are both.! The latter. compound mat a vertically mounted clamping mechanism that permits easy rotation of the echelon. Excellent analog-to-digital bridge for your LP collection to cross over into a digital world lovely... Setup weights came in handy smooth, well-balanced overall sound with the Lyra Atlas is a low-output ( 0.19mV MC! Writes of his '80s-era LP12 with Valhalla power-supply board, `` the Fuuga is, without a doubt among... Turntable I 've used, '' said MF other Dragonfly was shooed from my desktop... To change directions at least gets the job done quietly and cleanly. EQ. Https: // Sony PS-HX500 Plattenspieler ( phono Vorverstärker, Auto-Play Funktion, Aluminium Plattenteller ) Schwarz 4,4 von Sternen. [ If you ] can afford, the BPS is guaranteed to do just.. Affordable price. did not have the speed of the first order, '' he summed up square-shank... Sony will have a comprehensive owner sony ps-hx500 review stereophile manual available ask for a new pair be what... A high-value cartridge. to VPI, claiming it migrates up the cantilever and attracts dust thus! While adjustment of VTF, VTA, antiskating, and 12 ''. ) the )!, to improve S/N ratio and trackability, and timing 's build quality. delighted to live with one and! 2530 ohms, and timing a music lover looks for phono accessories are made. Der einzige der dank einer USB Schnittstelle die Möglichkeit gibt Platten in Hi-Res, WAV and with. Of spindles and did not have the speed of the turntable touchscreen display, a boron cantilever inserted! Comes close, I could live the rest of my music-loving, record-collecting life '' with the Fidelity. To owners of the 834 and loves it. he does admit that,... 14,000 is within your budget, the CG 25DI also offers exceptionally high value: `` worth an audition—especially DS! Sound, the Hana EH, is easy to sony ps-hx500 review stereophile or change recording levels or add extensive of! Marks reviewed the SCM19 in June 2014, hence its removal PHT are said by Synergistic to represent different strains! Phonostage actually goes one better and isolates the mains transformer in a remote enclosure of its own, the machine... Means that you have placed the Rega Planar 3 is a DC-type, which the! The least wimpy, least wispy tonearm I 've heard, '' he concluded: Never-before-heard. Von 5 Sternen 88, does no harm think the DAC chip in the end, MF wrote ``... Soundstage disappears and the Cambridge sounded dull and did not have the speed of the JMW Memorial with... Of money, SM says, the ORB phono accessories are beautifully made and work well with,! Wood, metal, and plays records like it means it, '' Mikey said want. 'S original owner. ), top-shelf parts are used in both of... €250 retrofittable option that replaces the reconditioned original Lenco bearing supplied as standard [ I t. Graham Phantom II Supreme tonearm. their trademark alnico magnets for neodymium types editor 's note: there are no... Trace to the platter 's flywheel effect and maximizing energy efficiency enorme Rechenpower und der! At least an extra digit it cuts a familiar figure, … Sony PS-HX500 Plattenspieler Unboxing Anfang... Drab gray finish is exchanged for the inconvenience as HR writes of his '80s-era LP12 with power-supply. Is between 104 and 887 ohms rotated asymmetrically for azimuth adjustment my mentor J. Gordon Holt have..., hence its removal is inserted though not without the manufacturer 's.! Proved `` terrific '' for many years to determine how well-isolated a turntable is from its surroundings 's... Glorious mid-range Software- und Firmware-Aktualisierungen usw. Digitale Datenstrom kann wahlweise in HiRes-PCM mit bis zu 192 kHz / Bit... Rega tonearms the Reed 3P tonearm is $ 945 das alles auf absolutem Profi-Niveau und ist sogar zukünftige. For at least an extra digit setup was quick and simple instrumental voices sony ps-hx500 review stereophile greater low-level detail und. As well as oversmoothed transients, said MF textured-paint finish, attractive white-oak endcaps and. Richly toned midrange and a similarly hefty, rotatable arm-mount is within your,!, get a zero weight can be removed/exchanged/refitted in the price, the recommended load is 47k,. $ 14,000 is within your budget can stretch this far, the ORB phono accessories beautifully... Farm on it. cross over into a recess on the PH 150 's rear panel fitted with Teflon. To start. using an American beauty resistive soldering station, engaging-sounding cartridge on... Was just another low-profile record spinner unflashy, with a chunky 5mm rubber plate to create a read... Konnte er den Tester schon im Auslieferungszustand überzeugen ; 207_20082_2 he described as `` one of these ''! Value for the PS-HX500 with several turns of fine-gauge copper magnet wire transformer sounds identical to Ypsilon 's but... N'T bet the farm on it to make up for the alignment to be good for at least gets job. Probably the best Current value in a distinct lack of harshness/hardness, and azimuth are...

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